The Body Shop Proves Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

March 08, 2016

In an industry that is awash with selfies and consumption, the Body Shop has always been a fresh face in the saturated beauty market. The brand was started by Anita Roddick 40 years ago, on the belief that business could be a force for good. The Body Shops campaigns have always been about issues more than skin deep, and have changed laws on animal testing, domestic violence and human trafficking. Although a small company, the Body Shop leads when it comes to sustainability, and their new global strategy “Enrich Not Exploit” sees the brand continue to walk the talk.

The company is making a new commitment to being truly sustainable, which means “shaping our business to work in line with the planet’s natural systems so they can replenish and restore themselves”, states company CEO Jeremy Schwartz. To prove their commitment to the planet, the Body Shop is making sure every action the business takes aligns with three promise pillars - Enrich Our People, Enrich Our Products and Enrich Our Planet. The brand has also set a number of targets (including community trade projects, reducing energy and fossil fuel usage and building innovation pipelines) they want to complete by the year 2020, to prove their promises are more than just skin deep.

As more beauty brands enter the market with sustainability a driving factor (such as Lush, Jurlique and L’Occitane to name a few), the Body Shop continues to lead the sector by making promises from the heart. We look forward to watching the new brand beliefs come to life within our beautiful planet.

Source: The Body Shop, Truly Deeply,