The Branding Name Game - Properties or Children?

June 22, 2015

What a minefield naming can be for property developers. The URLs for every four-letter word in the English language have long since been snatched up. Yet they still crave something unique, engaging and memorable.

A stand out trend in today’s property industry is naming a property after a person’s name. It is a clever idea however it can be a double-edged sword. On one hand people connect with people and if there is a personality that can be built around a name, customers will remember you. On the other hand you don’t realise how many people you hate until you have to name a baby. Humans are programmed to act and behave on personal experiences.

For example, a friend of mine named their baby Hugo. I knew a Hugo when I was growing up. He was a bully and quite frankly a little shit. While I’m not an overly judgmental person, any Hugo I met from this point had their work cut out for them. It’s true you can shift this perception but people are programmed to judge based on previous personal experiences – we just can’t help it.

On top of this the big problem now is that everyone is doing it. It’s becoming difficult to tell one person (property) from the next. How many Leo’s, Gisele’s, Leroy’s and Oscar’s can a girl take? I feel like an American Idol judge judging the most unique & hip name at a local mothers group (sorry mums).

At Wink we have a number of naming methodologies. We say a number as every project, brand, industry and business requires a unique approach based on what we are trying to achieve.

For people in property you want to reach audiences fast whilst being memorable and engaging. In a heavily flooded market how do you stand out from the competition? How can you reside in the hearts and minds of potential buyers? What will compel them to visit you again during their research and decision making phase?

When faced with the challenge of naming, we start with ideas, your inspiration and your point of difference. Defining your brand essence is critical to the success of your name.

If there is a real story to be told how can we leverage this? We don’t have a problem with property developers/agencies using a persons name but authenticity and storytelling go a long way when reaching out to your audience.

The best names are emotional, memorable and have personality and depth. The worst won’t kill its chances of success but can dramatically dilute the brand equity and potency. How do you think your next project will fare?

Images: Caravan, Canyon, Cassette, Cornwell, LK Property