The Future of Pizza Delivery Experiences is Here

November 17, 2015

A partnership between Dominos Pizza and Local Motors has just seen the release of a new vehicle that will forever change the face of pizza delivery, and potentially the design industry of job specific vehicles. Four years ago, Local Motors announced its Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge competition for its large community of budding innovative designers. The brief was to design vehicle that not only streamlined processes for the company’s 100,000 employees but also enhanced the overall customer experience.

The new vehicle is named the DXP, after Dominos mobile army of “delivery experts” and is built from a modified version of the Chevy Sparks. The DXPs interior has been completely modified to carry unto 80 pizzas and the passenger seat has been replaced by a console that has room to store all the essentials such as condiments, napkins and soda. But the coolest addition to the DXP is the inbuilt four-pizza-capacity oven, that can be accessed from the outside of the car.

There are about 100 of the vehicles being rolled out currently across America. While the vehicles are costing Dominos unto $25,000 each, the investment is justified as the business delivers over 400 million pizzas per year. This hybrid vehicle has been a huge success story in co-creation and helping to manage and improve the jobs of many Dominos employees.

This project gives us some insight into the possibilities for the future of customised special vehicles for specific industries. If we can achieve such innovation for a pizza delivery car, imagine what human kind can do for ambulances and emergency vehicles. The future is here in all of its piping hot cheesy glory.

Source: Local Motors, Core 77

Images via: Dominos DXP