The Lovely Mrs. Eaves

July 23, 2015

Todays quote comes from an iconic defining female typographer. Zuzanna Licko designed the typeface Mrs. Eaves in 1996 as an ode to one of history’s forgotten women of typography. Sarah Eaves was the housekeeper, turned mistress, turned wife of typographer John Baskerville. She assisted Baskerville with his typesetting and printing up until his death, when she continued to finish a number of his unfinished works, but never received any due credit for. Licko designed Mrs. Eaves centuries later to honour Sarahs work and create a modernised typeface to feminise and compliment the Baskerville typeface.

Lickos theory of type legibility states that readers find more familiar typefaces easier to read than those they are unfamiliar with. Along with other design factors, it is the repeated exposure of typefaces that help them to become more legible.