Trend We Love - Marble

October 20, 2015

Not so much a trend, but the ultimate luxurious finish that screams beautiful design and ultimate seduction - marble. The monotoned material has been around for centuries, but it is properly standing the test of time by appearing throughout all types exteriors, interiors and even printed finishes. Marble adds instant sophistication to any project. Here are a few of our most recent faves.

Haydenshapes x Alexander Wang

The true King of monotone style, Alexander Wang has paired with surfing connoisseur Haydenshapes to create the ultimate luxury surfboard. Photographs of marble slabs were digitally printed onto silk, then inlayed into the board lamination to create each of the unique designs. Lucky it’s not made of real marble, I’m not sure if it would float quite as beautifully as it does looks…

Images: Haydenshapes

SOMA for Catalogue

This project, a 3D art collection made for the release of the famous fashion magazines website, takes the organic textures and patterns of marble and transforms it in to rendered translucent objects of artistic desire. A dreamy combination of pastels, futuristic fashion and slightly psychedelic.

Images: Behance

Mim Design

We love this Melbourne based interior environment designer, whose creative process key is to “provide something new that captures and surprises the senses”. We especially love the use of marble finishes and surfaces across unexpected spaces, such as Biggin and Scott and Landream.

Images: Mim Design

Michael Chase

One of my current favourite visual artists, Michael Chase uses a number of different mediums to explore “colour, texture and composition to highlight the subject of decay”. Although his creations are formed from a variety of mediums including paint and photography, we just love how the marble effect is a continuous theme throughout his works.

Images: Michael Chase