Trend We Love - Pink

October 13, 2015

Okay, I’m going to take a minute here to completely girl out. Just for once, I’m whole-heartedly expressing my love for the colour pink, in all of its pastel-y, salmon-y, chalky, dreamy gloriousness. While we don’t really get to use the colour much in our day-to-day work (for some reason clients seem to think it feminises projects) there are plenty of artists out there utilising its maximum potential.


This glorious instagram account was curated for the love of the complimentary coloured effects of salmon pink and cactus green. Lotte van Baalen is the mastermind behind this simple yet oh-so-effective account - follow if you know whats good for you.

Images: @plantsonpink

The Percentage Mailing

This peachy project was designed as a bailout for an investment company to inform clients about the quality of their investment products and ensure customer loyalty. The package consists of three bottles of wine where the alcohol percentage equals the highest potential profit of the the certificate.

Images: Behance

House of Dust by Antonio Cardillo

This beautiful modern home in Rome is based on the golden ratio geometric rule, with a horizontal division that separates a textured roof from smooth walls and lines of furniture. The best part about this warm-stone coloured dwelling is the pop of pastel pink hues overflowing from the master bedroom, almost like it is the trendy living heart and soul of the building.

Images: Yellowtrace

The Pink Panther: Ton Heckles GQ Spain

And to prove that pink is not just for the ladies, this fashion shoot from photographer Tony Kelly, model Ton Heckles and stylist Joana de La Fuente shows how men can add a pop of pink to their wardrobe - and still look on point.

Images: The Fashionisto