Ultra Violet Creates Avant Garde Haute Cuisine Multi-sensory Experiences

January 15, 2016

We often speak about the importance of multi sensory brand touch-points and how they can create a truly memorable experience for audiences, but this restaurant in China is next level multi-sensory. The restaurant is creation of head chef Paul Pairet, who’s unique style of experimental comfort food is the highlight of the dining experience. The concept is the first of its kind, which aims to “unite food with mulit-sensorial technologies in order to create a fully immersive dining experience”.

The night unfolds something like this:
A group of just 10 guests are led into a room with just one single table in the middle, where the 20 course dinner will be played through the night. The dinner not only includes food and drink, but a sensory play that is choreographed by Paul Pairet and the rest of the Ultraviolet team.

In a room that appears to be completely bland on first impressions, soon turns into a whimsical atmosphere, as each dish is paired with immersive projections on the table and walls, cool air blows, music, lights, sounds and even smells to create a fully immersive experience.

The aim of the immersion is to create a Psycho-taste - to “influence, entertain, challenge, interact, celebrate, boost, immerse or simply support the perception of taste through a tailored atmosphere”. The dining experience is not about food and taste, but the ultimate sensory engaging luxury: emotion.

The location of the restaurant is a mystery, as is the puzzling edibles on the menu. A short clue on the Ultra Violet site goes into detail of one of the dishes “Cocotte iodine, steamed lobster and seawater-lime fizz” with multi sensory ingredients such as ocean waves, seagulls, whales in love, scent of seaweed, pacific breeze, vaporised iodine water and blue lights.

As far as Avant Garde Haute Cuisine experiences go, this is definitely one to add to the top of our list. Wish we were going to one this weekend!

Source: Ultra Violet

Images: Scott Wright