Uniqlo - Narrowing Buying Choices Through Neuroscience Technology

October 27, 2015

Recently we have seen a change in the brick-and-mortar retail experience. As our world is becoming more device oriented, big data is playing a key role in driving brands knowledge for what consumers want - even before they might know themselves. However there are not many brands that can understand what consumers want at any specific point in time - until now.

Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo have come up with an in-store technology driven user experience that assists in buying choices. The Umood is a device that users can sit in, put on a headset and watch pre-recorded videos of cats, swimmers, mountain hikers, ticking needles and other random sequences. The machine measures brain activity in response to emotions of five data points - interest, like, concentration, stress and drowsiness - and matches a t-shirt to their responses accordingly.

With over 600 t-shirts in the series, Uniqlo brought in comedian Ben Law to demonstrate the technology, who described it as the “Tinder for t-shirts”. We’re not sure if we really want a device to making fashion choices for us based entirely on images of cats, however we like the audience engagement of the Umood and the use of technology to create a memorable in-store shopping experience. Phil Harris, a consumer neuroscientist at brand insight company Nuro summed it up nicely “"We know that consumers want lots of choice, but when we give them lots of choice people actually have trouble making decisions," he explained. "I see a tool that helps narrow the range of options ... being really beneficial."

Source: Mashable, Brand channel, Gizmodo