Venamour's Modern Wedding Ephemera

March 24, 2016

As designers we have an undying love for the craft of paper and printed material. We can’t stress enough how much the tones, textures and finishes of a perfectly printed card or letter can contribute to feelings of class, style and other premiums. As today is our Friday for the week, we thought we should share some inspiration with you, of the ultimate paper and print gurus whose work we just want to reach into our screens and touch.

The New York based creative studio Venamour focus on “the design, craft and production of artful ephemera and printed matter”. I had to look up the word “ephemera” - things that exist or are enjoyed for only a short time - the perfect word to describe the wedding invitations, place cards and other stationery they specialise in. With a strong and thoughtful sense of art direction, Venamour create personalised functional and inspired stationery, finished with pretty florals and gorgeous envelope stocks.

Aside from the beautiful stationery they create, Venamour are one of our new favourite Instagram accounts. Appropriately, their account is littered with gorgeous textures, tones, florals and dusty, dreamy inspiration. Check them out and get swept away in the beauty.

See their full service site at