What We're Reading - 100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design

September 22, 2015

More than just a book, Lars Muller Publishers have created what we like to call the ultimate bible for references to Swiss graphic design. This publication spans 100 comprehensive years of posters, typo-graphicss, photo-graphicss, Swiss style, signs and symbols, corporate design, advertising, public affairs, type and editorial design. The book is filled with essays and illustrations, all inclusive of the history, politics and international trends influential on Switzerland at the time.

We especially love the section on type, with obvious iconic typographers creating world favourite Helvetica and recently deceased Adrian Frutiger of Univers fame. The corporate design section is also of high interest, with beautiful style manuals from companies such as Swatch, Bally and Swissair.

For such a small country in central Europe, it is amazing what great work the Swiss people have done for the world of design, we highly recommend this book for anyone who has an interest in classic design.

Images: Typetoken