Wine and Art – The Perfect Pairing

June 12, 2015

As we head into the weekend we were doing our weekly Dan Murphys dash and, upon faced with a blank canvas style selection, we got to thinking about some of the reasons we select the drops we do. Personally, when we are faced with just too much selection, we turn to brand and beauty. We can’t go past a wine label that is beautifully designed; from typography right down to label stocks and finishes. Here are a few of our favourites that do a fantastic job of combining the things we love – wine and art.

Cake Wines

Not only do these guys do some really beautiful wine labels, but they also come up with genius campaigns for widespread brand engagement. From art competitions, warehouse parties, community radio partnerships, workshops in alternative art skills to quarterly wine and culture journals – Cake Wines are absolutely killing it in their industry.

Long View

Forget stiff awkward winery tours and tastings – these guys are reinventing the wine event with their weekend long sensory explosion of art, wine, food, dance and music. An annual event invites guests to watch live painting from a series of street artists and then vote for whose work gets to be featured on the label of Longview’s “The Piece” Shiraz. The wine itself is packaged in a clever spray can style tin.


This Austrian wine believes that we can no longer dictate what we see, taste and smell – hence the need for a drop that can only be explained by beautiful patterns of colour and form. Although we have never tried it ourselves, if we saw Motif on the shelf at our local Dan Murphy’s, we would definitely raise a glass or two.