4 Seasons 9 Suburbs

August 05, 2015

One of our favourite industries to work with is the property market. The combination of beautiful architecture, clever urban design and development and of course stunning interiors all too often draw us in and we find ourselves constantly living and breathing all aspects of this thriving industry.

We are so lucky to be living in such a liveable city that is growing and developing rapidly. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to art, culture, entertainment, food, shopping and much more. As we are constantly immersing ourselves in Melbourne’s property scene, we have formed an opinion or two. So, as one of Melbourne’s biggest local fans, we decided to collate all of our experiences, knowledge, recommendations and predictions into one nicely designed map set.

The set includes a series of nine cards, each giving some insights into property statistics and our own recommendations of where to eat, drink and play. The cards fit together to form a nice little map and is also the perfect size to pop into your top drawer for a quick reference guide. If you would like a copy please drop us an email, we like to share and would love to hear from you.