A Digital Brand Transformation

May 18, 2015


Founders of Healthkit commissioned Wink to develop the Healthkit brand and bring to life their ambitious goals. From a humble Australian company they decided to transform their business into a global model.

The biggest challenge for the founders (and us) was communicating that HealthKit is a two-sided service – for patients/people and practitioners. We had to do so on a global level while clearly showing that it is customised to the needs of different user groups no matter which country or health system they are in. There had to be a distinct dual site while having easily recognisable visual language to link back to Healthkit as one global brand.

A new brand strategy was needed to reflect the new goals. A new name, a website and a new brand would have to change to build global presence. For Healthkit growth meant attracting investors to ensure the companies technology is ever-evolving.

The new site had two core audiences with very different needs - practitioners and patients - both audiences had to see the benefit to their respective needs while appealing to the broadest health segments globally.


The new site is to the point through its dual site structure and was able to distil the company’s ethos, value and culture for its broad user. They have a great story to tell - so keeping content lean, focussed on the brand and audience needs was the key to success.

The fully integrated front and back end had to be warm and engaging and with an intuitive user experience to back the sophisticated capability of the site.

Technology such as personalisation through geo-targetting, SEO and cookies allowed us to segment their worldwide directories specific to its user and offer customisable payment systems to respond to different health systems.

Everything we developed needed to be culturally broad. Although HealthKit starts out in English speaking markets, it is planning on launching into non-English speaking markets in Asia and Europe in the second half of 2013.


HealthKit is now recognised as a global health platform, having successfully moved to a global model with the branding and reputation to support it achieving its goals of becoming the ‘Facebook of health’.

For doctors, HealthKit is the first and only all-in-one practice and patient management software suite that can be used by doctors and practitioners of any profession, in any practice, in any country in the world.

Within its first year of launch Healthkit secured two of it’s biggest investors.