A Psychedelic Schnitzel Kitchen That Crumbs to You

April 18, 2016

We would like to introduce to you a friend of ours that we have been spending quite a bit of time with recently - the crazy and delicious Mr. Von Crumb. This little guy comes from a noble lineage of schnitzel greats and has made his way to Melbourne with his crew of humble crumbles and rolling kitchen - the Von Crumb Schnitzel Haus.

Von Crumb approached us looking for a brand personality, story, idenitity, language and truck that would stand out from the widespread food-truck competition in Melbourne, while celebrating the essence of his brand - SCHNITZOPHRENIA. The result is a bright, friendly, engaging and schnitzophrenic* world, from where Von Crumb and his squad come to life.

Alongside the food-truck, we created a suite of business cards, loyalty cards, stickers, packaging and social media visuals to launch the brand.

*not a spelling error - this guy is an absolute SCHNITZO