A Unique and Pure Product Story

June 10, 2015

Apura Green (the product) was born out of market demand for a healthier, natural ingredient that improves the overall nutritional content and quality of food and beverage goods. The potential this product brings to the market and to the world is one of the first of its kind - with its amazing credentials developed through R&D, scientific validation, trials and being 100% in its make-up.

The brand name was inspired by its NZ origins, the Maori language and its pure make-up, hence the pura part of the name. Both brand name & brandmark needed to encompass its brand essence, 'Explore, discover and delight, naturally' as well its source - kiwifruit.

We developed a vibrant mark inspired by its origins and bold visual language to share the unique (and exciting) story of Apura. The images evoke the purity of this product and the colour palette was picked from the NZ landscape.