Behind The Scenes - Press-checking in China

July 21, 2015

This time last year we took a trip to Hong Kong to do press-checks for not-for-profit publishing project we designed, On The Frontline. The special edition will reach audiences worldwide and is only available for exclusive purchase. The press-check is an essential part of our design process to ensure the colour quality and consistency of the final printed publication. We understand our client’s needs and expectations and always work tirelessly to deliver them the best quality work possible. We get the art of printing and take pride in the collaborative process we go through with all of our printers. It’s always a rewarding experience receiving our final printed and published work, so these press-checks are crucial to get the sound results we work for. The trip was a worthwhile success, although we left slightly hungry as we weren’t game enough to try the “fungus mushroom pig had to talk on” (eeep). Stay tuned to see the final set of published books.