Community Minded Innovation

September 17, 2015

Rural Northwest Health is the health service provider for the communities within the Yarriambiack Shire. The key focus of their three campuses is to move together through change to provide innovative health care. We were lucky enough to visit the community ourselves to view first-hand and truly understand what a great, caring community can achieve together, even though they have a small combined population of just under 5000 people. Their dedication to the health and welfare of the community is evident through the award winning services they provide to both aged-care residents and community health clients - continuously searching for ways to improve and achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

RNH took a huge leap to work together with us to create a new website to prove they really are the most innovative health care provider. We wanted to create not only a modern website to showcase and highlight the benefits of their services, but a platform for the Wimmera Malle region community to engage, converse and feel included, no matter the number of kilometres between them. The new website includes sections for RNH staff and residents to share stories and conversations about community relevant news, signup for upcoming events and new job and training opportunities. The new website also provides virtual tours of the aged care campuses for audiences to truly get an understanding of how life unfolds at RNH campuses.

See the full website live at