Game changing technology with big goals

September 30, 2015

Working with the Avalia Immunotherapies team we developed a strategy, a brand story and then its brand identity for global presence.

At its core the essence of the brand is Science Amplified. Avalia’s technology is like no other immunotherapy in the world. It was critical for them to stand out to counter the competition and the negativity around what immunotherapy was and actually is in the eyes of Avalia.

As a brand they only develop immunotherapies backed by the best research institutes, scientists and commercial partners with a focus on in-depth pre-clinical development. The brandmark and visual language not only expresses the perspective Avalia has to develop its immunotherapies but also represents its ambition to reach more people with serious unmet medical needs in cancer, infectious disease and allergies worldwide.

The new brand has to appeal to a broad audience from pharmas, investors, researchers and clinicians - each being a crucial factor in the development of its products and building credibility.

“Avalia Immunotherapies new brand is helping the company be recognized in the industry as an exciting new player in the vaccine and immunotherapy field. The identity cleverly matches our ambition to bring leading edge science and people together to create impactful treatments,” says Dr. Shivali Gulab, CEO Avalia.