Luxe Care BTS

July 27, 2015

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of working on luxury in-home care brand Luxe Care. Not like any other in-home care brand, Luxe Care injects the highest level of comfort, personalisation and luxury into everything they do. It’s the smallest details that make the difference to their client’s lives, so we needed to come up with a strategy to make everyone understand their values at every touch point of communication.

Luxe Care makes sure all of the finer details are taken care of so that clients can spend more time with the people that mean so much to them – their families. We didn’t want any cheesy stock photos – it had to be real. Real emotions, real laughter, real care. We used a real family that spanned over multiple generations and spent the day photographing the conversations and emotions that happened naturally between them. We wanted to portray the relationships that Luxe Care work so hard to achieve with every person they come into contact with.

There were lots of lols, including the highlight of the day - Charlie the little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel picking up someone’s dentures from the coffee table and taking them for a spin. The photo shoot was a success, many thanks to everyone involved on the day. Stay tuned to see more of our work with Luxe Care.

Photography: Shari Trimble
Art Direction: Wink

Website: Luxe Care