Meaningful Branding for Real People

October 14, 2015

When IT services company UXCPS commissioned us to create a visual identity that would better reflect its persona, we developed it through the eyes of the people within the organisation.

The new positioning is built around the idea of how UXCPS helps clients simplify complexity and see the unseen in a very personal way. We activated the brand with a new website, marketing collateral and stationery. We used aphorisms to identify each employee’s role and personality and to encourage conversation and engagement when meeting new people.

When developing their website, we decided to use facts and success stories – rather than the company’s own words – to showcase its expertise. UXCPS has some very strong case studies and client testimonials that demonstrate its powerful value proposition - Leading Thought Leadership. We then used this thinking to break away from the usual ‘IT’ visual cues to stand out and reflect the brands essence.

Along with user-experience testing, a fully responsive design and an SEO strategy the new site has not only led to increased visitor numbers but quality visitors searching for more than just a job. The bold new design has created brand alignment externally and internally. It has also become the envy of the other UXC business units.

“Wink have been instrumental in taking our brand to the next level. We originally went to them for some website concepts, but what we got back was so much more. They’ve been instrumental in taking our brand to the next level. They took the time to ask us questions about our business and where we’re headed. Wink now know our business so well we see them as a partner, not just another supplier.”