Real People for Luxury Care

July 29, 2015

Luxe Care is an in-home care service that injects the highest level of comfort, personalisation and luxury into everything they do. It’s the smallest details that make the difference to their client’s lives, so we needed to come up with a strategy to make everyone understand their values at every touch point of communication.

Luxe Care makes sure all of the finer details are taken care of so that clients can spend more time with the people that mean so much to them – their families. We didn’t want any cheesy stock photos – so we photographed a real family that spanned over generations to tell the Luxe Care story. These photos, paired with meaningful quotes about the value of independence, compassion and relationships were used throughout communications to build the Luxe Care brand narrative. We also needed to illustrate the highest quality level of care Luxe pride themselves on, so of course we applied elements of luxury with subtle gold foils and premium stocks. See more from the photo shoot here and Luxe Care website here.